New Optional Rib Fest Offer - Free Rib Sidekick with 2 Entrees

We’re putting the ribs back in Rib Fest with a new optional offer to encourage guests to taste our ribs.  Guests who fall in love with our ribs will likely to add a sidekick to their meal or switch to a full slab from a lower PPA item – thus increasing long term sales!


The offer, which is one free Sidekick of Ribs with purchase of 2 adult entrees, is not available to any guest who comes in – only those that either received the special Fishbowl e-mail message or a printed bounce back handed out during a food run or community event.


IMPORTANT – This offer is optional and action is needed by Wed 4/29 from stores who want to participate.   Go online to, click on the Rib Fest button on the home page and order the Free Rib Sidekick Bouncebacks.   More details about signing up for the Fishbowl message will be available in May.


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