Great Steak Dinner Giveaway Stores

Free Steak Dinner Every Month for a Year Giveaway - Important Next Steps


Thank you for participating in this year’s Free Steak Dinner Giveaway as a part of the Great Steak of Texas promotion.  This is a reminder that the giveaway ends at the close of business on Tuesday 9/23.  Please complete the following to wrap up the giveaway:


1.       End Giveaway – Before opening on Wednesday, September 24, please remove all signs and banners promoting the giveaway.  Remove the ballot box and put all entry forms in a safe place (do not throw them away).


2.       Select and Notify Winner - Randomly choose a winner and contact them. Make sure to send an email to the winner if they cannot be reached by phone.   Ask them to call you back to schedule a time after Friday, October 3 to pick up their free steak dinner certificates.


3.       Select Two Alternate Winners – Randomly choose two alternate winners in case the first winner does not reply.  The winner has 7 days to contact the restaurant to claim the prize.  If they don’t, contact the alternate winner.


4.       Watch for Free Entrée Certificates to ArriveThe pad of 12 Free Entrée certificates to give to the winner will arrive at your store between September 29-October 2.


5.       Send Entry Forms to Fishbowl - Place all enter to win forms in the specially-coded envelopes from Fishbowl. Do not use a different envelope, as this will prevent the forms from being added to your store's Fishbowl database.  Call FCI at 866-701-3362 if more envelopes are needed.  Please complete ASAP, but no later than Wednesday, October 8.


6.       Giving Certificates to Winner

a.       Sign Prize Claim Form – The winner must sign this document before receiving the certificates. Scan and email the signed Prize Claim Form to or fax to (502) 426-3274 by Wednesday, October 8.

b.      Take a Photo of Winner for Facebook - Send it to to be posted on your location’s page.


Redemption Details on Free Entrée Certificates for Winner:


·         The certificates are bar-coded and will allow the guest to choose one entrée listed on the regular menu. It will not allow the guest to choose larger-cut steaks not listed on the menu.

·         The certificate is not based on a $ value. Therefore, a guest will be unable to redeem two less expensive $10 entrées in exchange for one more expensive $20 entrée.

·         The certificates will encourage the guest to use only one certificate each month, but Aloha will allow more than one certificate to be redeemed each month. However, only one certificate can be redeemed within one day.

·         Gratuity and taxes are not included.

·         Winner can redeem their certificates at other locations, as 40% of the total value will be billed back to the issuing store (exactly like Gift Card bar-coded incentives).




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